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Introducing Organizing Cue Cards

 No time to read that organizing book?

Organizing Cue Cards guide you through

the essential steps to GET ORGANIZED NOW

Think of it as a 16 chapter book on

16 EASY to follow, FUN to use cue cards.

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Organizing Cue Cards - Be Organized
  Table of Contents


Prioritize Your Work

No time to

 read that



Do you want to

Get Organized Now?


Ellen Faye's

Organizing Cue Cards

are exactly

what you need  


 Easy to Follow

Fun to Use

Simple to Display

Organizing Cue Cards

Packaged in

a compact

jewel case that

easily flips to

a convenient

display case

(free shipping)


  My Favorite Products


  During the course of my work I find products that I think make a big difference in productivity and organizing success. Please be mindful before you click and only buy those items for which you have a place and a use.
Woodworx StepUp File   My favorite desk top organizer is the Woodworx StepUp File from Ultimate OfficeUltimate Office has many great products to help you improve your productivity and organization.
 Command Products by 3M   I couldn't imagine organizing without the many fantastic products in the 3M Command line. I call them "Women Empowerment Strips" because we no longer need a dry wall anchor to hang something on a wall!  Love their photo clips the most for hanging notes on my computer, dash board, and inside my cabinets.  Great cord control, hooks, and poster hangers too.
Post it File Folder Tabs
  There are a thousand products out there for keeping our files labeled.  These Post-it angled file folder tabs are my favorite instant solution.  Grab one from your drawer, label it with a Sharpie, stick it on, and you're done!  You can move them around and they last until you can get a permanent tab put on.
The Purse Perfector


 The Purse Perfector is designed to move your purse contents in one step when you change pocketbooks.  I use mine to organize the console in my car.  It holds my glasses, mints, note pads, pens, meter change, etc.  I can put my hands on my "stuff" without looking.  I love finding different uses for things and this works great!
The Tote Buddy
  Finally a solution for carrying our recyclable shopping bags. (Am I the only one whose bags were strewn all over the back of the car?)  The Tote Buddy makes my weekly trip to the grocery much easier!
See Jane Work at ellenfaye.com  

 Find contemporary and cool organizing products at See Jane Work.  



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