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I'm delighted to share what my office organizing, business productivity, and coaching clients have said about working with me. Most of my hands-on clients reside in the Central and Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia area. I provide phone coaching for clients outside the area and welcome the opportunity to travel for speaking and larger-scope engagements. 


As both a coach and professional organizer, Ellen has taught me ways to approach my mountains of paperwork, my time management issues, my business decisions and so much more. Every session with her is incredibly productive, with each minute oriented towards my success! (more)

Jackie Pantaliano
Owner, ImPRessions Public Relations
Voorhees, New Jersey
Ellen has been a tremendous guide in helping me start a new business.  Her marketing skills and keen sense of what is necessary to make things happen are just part of her outstanding coaching capabilities.  She also helps you define your purpose, goals, and strengths, and then creatively suggests how they should be presented in an appealing way.  Her computer skills are top notch and up to date, and her energy and enthusiasm about making your business successful are inspiring  and motivating.
Donald Friedman M.D.
Retired Physician
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I'm so glad I found you!!! Your coaching has helped me to achieve my annual goals! I'm so much more effective! You really made the process of getting organized FUN!!! You are an incredible resource and I would highly recommend you to anyone who has a home-based business!
M. Smith
Medical Sales
Sewell, New Jersey 

Ellen worked intelligently and efficiently to create an organized, clutter-free home office that is customized to my current needs and can easily be updated if my needs change. With this transformation and the skills I learned from Ellen, I am able to work more efficiently, finishing projects faster and with better results, leaving me time and energy to take on additional clients for additional revenue.
Carolyn Schlitt, PharmD, MA
Freelance Consultant & Writer
Haddonfield, New Jersey


I now realize what Organizational Coaching is really about. For me to reach my goals I had to change many different levels of my being - not just clear my desk and organize files (although that happened rapidly). I needed to shift my thinking and learn to make optimal choices about my time, my workload, and many other things. Ellen has been the perfect person to help me with this. She has taken me by the hand and the heart and has guided me in a most empowering way.
Marilee Tolen RN
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

I thought of you today as I was feeling overwhelmed, then remembered to sit down on my yoga mat, breathe, listen to calming music and write down on calendar for the week all that I must get done. I was then able to shift to list for today, etc. I feel much more centered now. Just so you know, your coaching is still working with me.

Mary F.
Small Business Owner 

Organizing and Productivity Professional Mentor Coaching:  

I feel like I am heading in the right direction. Since our coaching I have two new referral agreements and have had a client choose my largest organizing package. I really gained confidence in myself and my business. Thanks!
Liz Taylor
Taylor Organizing
Raleigh, North Carolina

I would HIGHLY recommend Ellen's Professional Organizing Coaching services. Not only was Ellen able to see exactly where I was struggling, she was also able to help me modify my processes so that they fit in with the way I do business. Ellen is extremely insightful, helpful, and supportive. Ellen, thank you so much for your direction and encouragement. You are awesome!
Barb Berman
B-B's Clutter Solutions
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Whether you've worked with Ellen once or multiple times, the tips and tricks that she teaches you really do stay with you...whether it's a little set of drawers that are now labeled appropriately or it's how to prioritize your list of things to do (HOT=potential embarrassment!)...they become a way of life...the Ellen Faye way of life :)  (Ellen's note:  Karen and I worked together 8 years ago.  We still stay in touch and she reads my blog post weekly - I know, because she sends me comments, thoughts and nice notes like this regularly - thanks Karen!)
Karen B.
English Professor
Mt. Laurel, NJ  

Working with you has brought clarity to my life that has been extremely beneficial. What, for years, was an area of anxiety, guilt, and frustration is now an area of inspiration, peace, and joy. With you as my organizing partner in this home-office rejuvenation, I was able to quickly focus on my goals and confidently and continuously make the decisions that help me to be more productive in turning my dreams into a reality. While I consider myself an organized person, I had tried many times on my own to make this area effective, but couldn't make sense of the chaos. You came in, helped me to assess the situation rationally, gave me lots of great tips, and supported me as we worked through the mess to reveal a beautiful, functional space (and a new "me", in the process!).

Your coaching, although delivered in my office, goes far beyond that one location. I find myself referring to "Ellen-isms" in my day-to-day activities, no matter where I am. While I initially contacted you to help me in my home-office, the benefits I have since received are evident in all areas of my life and I am immensely grateful.

Holistic Entrepreneur
E.S. Endeavors
Southern New Jersey 

Just to let you know my file system works like a dream, I redo it every year in January.  I get my self new files, pretty ones and i just redo everything, it feels like a treat and looks so nice, and all the files are thin and cleaned out and I'm ready for the New Year.  I am redoing the bedroom, new rug, new furniture, new paint and my thoughts come to you often as I sort and toss and donate, the room pretty much runs itself!
Donna Harwood RN
Wenonah, NJ


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