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Your Success is my Passion! 

The underlying thread that weaves my client base together is that my clients want more - more clarity in their work processes, more balance in their lives, and most importantly, more enjoyment and peace overall. They want to define their success in their own terms.

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  • Delegation, collaboration and decision making processes
  • Integration of business priorities with day-to-day responsibilities
  • Communication and motivation
  • Gain clarity around how to prioritize time, work, energy and money
  • Understand how personality drives work style so that personalized systems can be developed
  • Develop awareness around needs and values to aid in motivation
  • Partner via accountability to support integration 


  • Create prioritized plans to manage the multitudes of thoughts and ideas
  • Develop goals and action plans to move your organization forward
  • Align tasks with goals for highest return on investment

Business Processes:

  • Workflow improvement
  • Financial records and bill paying systems
  • Records retention and storage


  • Smartphone and App usage
  • Technology integration (computers, tablets, smartphones, apps, etc.)
  • Digital file organization
  • Scanning and paper-less office implementation


  • Email and voice-mail support
  • Mail systems and mail processing
  • Handling interruptions

Time and Tasks:

  • Calendar and scheduling systems
  • Task management systems
  • Decision making


  • Workspace optimization
  • Paper and files systems
  • Supply organization and inventory processes


The Business Professional:

  • These days, business professionals have to do it all. Finding better ways often moves the business forward at a much faster pace. Extra hands, new thoughts, and the experience of how others "do it" brings much needed support to the work environment.

Professionals Working From Home:

  • Many people now work from home. Setting up office layouts, systems, and workflow can clear the decks for getting more done. Creating custom solutions that integrate the many challenges of working from home makes all the difference.

The Entrepreneur:

  • Entrepreneurs like to get things done, but in their enthusiasm, don't always take the time to focus their energies and make a plan. Our work together helps to ensure that your hard work produces results that pay off.
Volunteers and Philanthropists:
  • Serious work is not always synonymous with a paycheck. The same issues that face busy professionals face individuals who serve our communities; many times more so because of other responsibilities and expectations. Finding a better way to balance and streamline processes and systems can have significant benefits.

The Over-committed and Over-stressed: 

  • Finding time to get it all done without losing one's sense of self if a common challenge.  Streamlining systems, simplifying life and getting clear with priorities can make all the difference. 


Are my areas of expertise what you need?

  • Do you need someone who can help you find more time, be more effective, and feel more in control? My business background, coach training, leadership and communication skills, and 13+ years as a productivity and organizing professional blend together to give you optimal results.

Do you value customized, unique, and out-of-the-box solutions?
  • Do you find that the one-size-fits-all concept never really sticks? Do you buy organizing and time-management products but never really figure out how to make them work for you? Do you start lists but never look at them? My ability to create processes based on your business model, work-life preferences, and personality type will drive your long-term success.

Do you like to work with upbeat, energetic people?
  • I'm non-judgmental, positive, and enthusiastic. My clients describe me as fun, creative, and resourceful. I'm going to find the best in you and remind you of it often. I want our work together to be effective and fun, I believe that if it isn't fun you won't find the motivation to do it long enough to integrate change. 

Coaching or Consulting?

  • The difference between consulting and coaching lies in defining the "expert."  When I act as your productivity specialist and organizer I am the expert; my job is to advise you on best practices and effective solutions. When I act as your coach YOU are the expert; my job is to facilitate your discovery of the best way to do things that work for you. Combining both coaching and consulting in the services I provide supports your long-term success. 


Technology Savvy:

  • Cloud Services
  • PC and Mac
  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Apps and Cloud programs
  • Google Calendar, iCalendar and Outlook
  • Word, Excel, Publisher, QuickBooks, basic Photoshop
  • Mailchimp, Constant Contact, iContact
  • Skype, Join.Me, Evernote and Google Voice
System Savvy:
  •  Paper Management
  •  Financial Process Improvement
  •  Filing/Piling
  •  Information Flow
Coach Trained and Certified:
  •  Business Coaching
  •  Productivity Coaching
  •  Leadership Challenges
  •  Life Balance
  • Analytical and logical
  • Able to develop systems that get the most done, easily and effectively.
  • Able to see best uses of space
  • Able to keep you motivated and moving forward
Time to get more focused, organized, and productive?
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Certified Professional Organizers (CPO)National Association of Professional Organizers10 year Golden Circle
Certified Organizer CoachInstitute for Challenging Disorganization
Napo Specialist for Workplace ProductivitySouth Jersey Organizers

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