Fees & Packages
Do the right things in the way that’s right for you — not just for better productivity, but for a less stressful, more intentional and fulfilling life. Everyone has a way that they work best. Read this book to find yours!
Do the right things in the way that's right for you. How to do my best work, do the right things my way, how to be more productive, how to fit everything in, more than time management, strategies that work for you, learn to create better habits, less stress
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Fees & Packages

Working With You – To Support YOUR Success

Congratulations for taking steps towards better work and a better life!


Two-month Program

Optimize your productivity and effectiveness:

  • Six (6) one-hour coaching session in this two-month program
  • Prepay $1,200 or 2 auto-payments of $600
  • Unused sessions expire 3-months from the date of the first coaching session


Four-month Program

Hone your productivity & build accountability:

  • Twelve (12) one-hour coaching session in this 4 month program
  • Prepay $2,400 or 4 auto-payments of $600
  • Unused sessions expire 6 months from the date of the first coaching session


On-Going Business Coaching

For clients seeking business support:

  • Two (2) one-hour coaching sessions per month
  • Auto-payments of $400 per month
  • Six month minimum commitment
  • Sessions to be used in the month for the month

Coaching Details:

  • Coaching sessions include action notes, reasonable check-in email support, and various tools to drive your success.
  • At the conclusion of your package coaching can continue based on your individual needs and my space availability.
  • Consistency and commitment to the coaching process is key to your success. Take this coachability self test to see if coaching is right for you.
  • International clients: International credit card processing surcharges will be added to the above fees.
  • Pricing subject to change.

Keynotes, Workshops, and Strategic Planning Facilitation:

Always customized to your specific needs. Please schedule a discovery call or email me to discuss further.