Is Coaching For You?
A productivity coach can help you work smarter and more efficiently, reduce overwhelm and worry, and have a better quality of life.
What is Productivity Coaching, Certified Productivity Coach, Time Management Coach, What kind of coach do I need, Am I ready for coaching
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Is Coaching For You?

Have You Asked “What Kind of Coach Do I Need?”

Coaching is a partnership between the client and the Coach. The Coach empowers the client to make decisions that are in alignment with their personal values, self-knowledge, and goals. An effective Coach creates the space for the client to explore opportunities and arrive at conclusions that work and last — because the right answers are the client’s answers.

Just like there are different types of clients there are different types of Coaches: 

  • Some people are most successful when they are able to follow someone else’s plan.
  • Others benefit from ongoing programs that help them develop all aspects of their businesses.
  • Many coaches & consultants today are available to sell you their program as a “blueprint” for success – generic and concrete.

On the other hand, there are those of us who must forge our own paths, in our own ways. This is the type of client that will benefit from my style of Coaching.

Many Hats

coach facilitates self- discovery — As your coach, I will provide the opportunity for you to formulate your best solutions through powerful questions, time for reflection, and accountability partnering.

consultant is an expert — As your consultant, I will share my knowledge, experience, and business savvy to help you get from point A to point B as efficiently and effectively as possible.

An organizer helps you get things done — As your organizer, I will use my natural propensity for analysis, process, and order to ensure that you move forward in the most effective ways possible.

A leader inspires and motivates — As a leader I understand how to inspire you to accomplish your goals and vision in a positive and motivating way.

When we work together, you’ll have access to my many hats – all worn to support your success.

Are You Ready for Coaching?

A coaching relationship is a designed alliance to support you in closing the gap between where you are, and where you want to be.  It is both a skills-building and integration process. Learning the skills is important, but integrating them effectively can be life changing. To be most effective coaching takes time; it is a process. Just like it takes more than a couple workouts at the gym to see results, the same can be said about coaching. Consistency and commitment to the coaching process is key to your success.  Take this coachability self-test to see if coaching is right for you.