Productivity for How You’re Wired
Do the right things in the way that’s right for you — not just for better productivity, but for a less stressful, more intentional and fulfilling life. Everyone has a way that they work best. Read this book to find yours!
Do the right things in the way that's right for you. How to do my best work, do the right things my way, how to be more productive, how to fit everything in, more than time management, strategies that work for you, learn to create better habits, less stress
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Productivity for How You’re Wired

Ellen’s Book Is Now Available

Productivity for How You're Wired

Finally, A Personalized Approach to Productivity!

Understand how you’re wired

  • Discover how much structure you need to do your best work
  • Learn how to make stress, perfectionism, and procrastination work for you

Create your process for getting into flow

  • Clarify your priorities and create a vision for your time
  • Do the right things in the way that’s right for you

Apply your structure preference to your work

  • Maximize time your way
  • Integrate productivity into your leadership mindset

Praise for Productivity for How You’re Wired

This book changed the way I think about productivity…It will for you too.
Brooks Duncan
The Productivity Show Podcast Co-Host
The chapters on leadership and group productivity are particularly insightful (and hopeful!) for anyone who has struggled with overall team results.
Danielle Tanner Liu
Danielle Tanner Liu
MPA, CPO®, President of the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers®
This book WILL help you increase your productivity. My favorite parts are the “in real life” examples which make the theory of the book come to life.
Ingrid Jansen
Past President Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers UK and The Declutter Hub Podcast Co-Host
The first book on productivity to focus on the individual! The result is a new and better way of looking at what it means to be productive.
Susie Hayman
Susie Hayman
Past President National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals
Finally, a personalized approach to productivity. No more one-size-fits-all!
Phyllis Savar Levy
Client and New Products Vice-President
Ellen writes with the end user or reader in mind – focusing on their preferences, their approaches and above all their wiring.
Cameron Gott
PCC, Executive ADHD Coach and Translating ADHD Podcast Co-Host
Finally, a book on productivity that really gets it. If you want real change, this is the book for you.
Ari Tuckman
PsyD, Psychologist, ADHD expert, and Author
This productivity book recognizes that each person’s best functioning strategies respect their individual strengths and needs.
Denslow Brown
MCC, Founder Coach Approach Training
The email chapter alone is worth buying the book! Just this small part of a book full of similar life-changing insights makes reading this book a MUST!
Geri Chark Frankel
Certified Professional Organizer® and Coach

Why This Book is Different

Other books, programs, and apps about productivity and time management have been developed to teach you someone else’s system. Those authors are telling you what works for them.

In this book Ellen Faye does not tell you what works for her. Instead, she provides a framework for you to create a system that will work for you. First, she helps you determine how you’re wired. Then she teaches you how to adapt your wiring to your Productivity Flow Framework.

Free Productivity Flow Overview

Productivity for How You're Wired

About the Author

Ellen believes wholeheartedly that an individual’s approach to productivity should fit their natural way of being, that each person’s inherent style is their strength, and that those strengths should be honored and leveraged.

This is core to Ellen’s successful career as a Certified Productivity Leadership Coach and is the foundation of her new book, Productivity for How You’re Wired. She shares insights and solutions to help her readers find the way they work best.