Productivity Coaching
As your productivity coach I will help you work smarter, improve effectiveness, reduce overwhelm, and create a better life.
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Productivity Coaching

Task & Time Management

Do you often think “If I can just get through this week, I’ll be okay,” and the next week you feel just as out of control? In our current work climate, there just isn’t enough time to get your important work done.  This is where time management skills and strategies come in.  With proper support you CAN increase your productivity.

As your Productivity Coach I will work with you to:

  • Customize productivity tools to maximize your strengths
  • Show you how to prioritize your tasks so you work with less stress
  • Simplify your routines so you can focus on the work that counts
  • Streamline your work space to increase your productivity
  • Leverage your technology to enhance your work
“Time Management isn’t about managing your time – it’s about managing your work.” Ellen Faye
The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” ~ Warren Buffett

Focus and Setting Priorities

Saying “NO” is the most powerful productivity tool ever, however, saying “NO” isn’t always so easy.  The Myers Briggs Foundation estimates that 46% of the US population are Perceivers (last letter – P or J).  Perceivers inherently like to keep their options open, and it goes against their nature to say “no.”  What are you supposed to do? Getting clear on goals and priorities helps.

As your Productivity Coach I will:

  • Support you in developing a personal strategic plan to guide your work. This plan will help you to
    • Clarify what’s important and set your goals accordingly
    • Set priorities to support your goals and drive results
    • Support you in conducting weekly focus sessions to keep you on target
  • Help you to help those you work with to develop goals and priorities, and if desired, work with them as well
  • Teach you my personalized system for managing ongoing priorities

Productivity Coaching Topics

  • Connecting time, goals, and priorities
  • Task management
  • Strategies to mitigate procrastination
  • Time planning
  • Boundaries and balance
  • Email management (+Slack +Teams)
  • Remote work support
  • Personal and business strategic planning
  • Delegation and accountability
  • Decision making
  • Meeting effectiveness
  • Creating conditions for team flow
Productivity – the intentional use of time.

Ellen’s Book is Now Available

Productivity for How You're Wired

Find The Way You Work Best

Do you know you could be more productive, but just can’t figure out HOW?

If you’ve put in the work, tried the apps and planners, but still aren’t getting the results you’d hoped for — it’s not hopeless! You just haven’t discovered the way YOU work best.

Because it’s not about doing more.

It’s about doing the right things in the way that’s right for you — not just for better productivity, but for a less stressful, more intentional and fulfilling life.

Productivity for How You’re Wired gives insight into Ellen’s approach to productivity, leadership, and coaching so that you can finally find the way you work best.

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