Better Work. Better Life. Productivity Leadership Coach Ellen Faye can help you work smarter, improve effectiveness, reduce overwhelm, and build a better life.
What is Productivity Coaching, Certified Productivity Coach, Leadership Coach, Time Management Coach, Business Coach, Time Management/Productivity Training, Productivity Speaker
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Productivity Coaching

  • Task & Time Management
  • Goal & Priority Setting
  • Procrastination & Perfectionism
  • Overcoming Overwhelm

Leadership Coaching

  • Honing Leadership Skills
  • Developing Productive Cultures
  • Decision Making & Delegation
  • Navigating Obstacles

Business Coaching

  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Development
  • Pricing & Product Strategy

Business Professionals

  • Business planning facilitation
  • Project planning and implementation support
  • Strategic planning for growth and change
  • Success culture integration
  • Productivity & time management consulting
  • Leadership development training and coaching
  • Financial modeling and budget support
Imagine having support to clarify and reach your goals as effectively as possible.
Imagine having a safe space to process the challenges of leadership.

Nonprofits and Volunteer Leaders

  • Mission and goal development
  • Strategic planning facilitation for growth and change
  • Project planning and implementation support
  • Navigating board and staff relationships
  • Volunteer engagement programming and training
  • Governance, policy and process consultation
  • Financial modeling and budget support
  • Leadership and board development workshops