Leadership Coaching
Step into your leadership essense with a coach that will help you leverage your strengths, navigate challenges, and create a safe space for you to clarify your thoughts.
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Leadership Coaching

My Approach

Productivity results from good leadership and good leadership drives good productivity. When my clients come to me looking for support on how to be more effective at work, we don’t just discuss personal productivity and processes, we coach around leadership issues too.

When coaching for productive leadership we consider three areas:

  • your approach to leadership
  • the integrity of the systems and processes in place
  • if you personally model good productivity

An emotionally healthy, collaborative work environment, good solid systems, processes, and workflows and a leader that walks their talk by exemplifying good personal work habits create the conditions for a productive team and business success.

I work with clients to hone their leadership skills in order to drive their own success, as well as the success of their teams and businesses.

Productive Leader Success Formula
“It doesn’t matter what someone’s title is, how much they are paid, or how much authority they have. If they don’t influence change, drive progress, or inspire others, they are not a leader. Leadership is not a title or assigned authority. Leadership is a behavior.”  Ellen Faye

Why Get A Coach?

There is no playbook on how to lead. People assume that leading a natural skill. However, just like I wouldn’t assume you could sit down and play the piano without training and support, you can’t assume that you can be your best leader-self without training and support.

I’ve learned many lessons from my clients:

  • I get that changing habits is hard, especially for my global-creative, macro-thinking, 50,000-feet-view clients.
  • I know that even the best leaders benefit greatly from having a safe and trustworthy confidant to talk through the challenges they face.
  • I know that even highly organized, methodical clients need support to improve their systems, or just may be so buried that they benefit from an objective supporter to help them dig out and see the forest through the trees.
  • I understand that just because you are excellent in a job doesn’t mean you know how to productively lead a team.

Leading is hard. Leading a productive team is harder.  It takes the right balance of a positive work environment and solid systems to achieve team flow.  Unfortunately, our work culture doesn’t always support this. I know from personal experience that it’s hard to go at it alone.

As your coach, I will support you to create a culture of excellence that drives your success AND the success of your team(s).

Leadership Coaching Topics

  • Motivating and inspiring for optimum productivity
  • Leading from your essence
    • building trust
    • win-win focus
    • control over vs. empowerment
  • Communication challenges
  • Collaboration best practices
  • People problems
    • beloved team member not performing
    • working with difficult colleagues and/or bosses
  • Delegation and accountability best practices
  • Delivering effective feedback
  • Making difficult decisions
  • Job transitions
    • how to help someone be successful in new positions
    • support in figuring out if it’s time to change jobs or if you should take another job
  • Transitioning positions – from doer to leader
  • Messaging and leading change and uncertainty

Ellen Faye's Ego Essence Leadership Continuum

As your coach, I will provide a safe space for you to think out loud, organize your thoughts, and talk through your decision making processes.

Client Testimonials