Meet Ellen
Do Your Best Work! Productivity Leadership Coach Ellen Faye can help you work smarter, improve effectiveness, reduce overwhelm, and build a better life.
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Meet Ellen

Chapter 1: What I Didn’t Know Then…

My high standards for excellence, ability to connect and inspire, an innate sense for business, productivity and leadership have been the constants of my career.

My first job out of college was with Stouffer Hotels. Within 6 months I was promoted from an entry level manager to a role where I led a department of 80 people.  Only now, looking back, do I understand that it was my ability to develop and implement systems, inspire and empower my team, and produce strong financial results that allowed this to happen.

The secret . . . My teams could focus on delivering knock your-socks-off service, because effective systems were in place.  They had everything they needed to do the routine parts of their jobs. Their energy was focused on serving the guest.

Fast forward 6 years, I’m the youngest General Manager, and one of the few female General Managers, in the Hilton Hotel chain.  During my tenure as General Manager, our hotel was Zagat rated #1 in the market for best customer service.

Ellen, General Manager, Danielle Hilton
Ellen Faye Leadership Speaker

Chapter 2: Certified Professional Organizer® & Certified Organizer Coach®

After I had my kids, I started a business as a Professional Organizer.  I figured if I was going to work as hard as I did in the hospitality industry, I was going to work for myself.  I thought I was picking a job I could do a little while – unbeknownst to me I was choosing a career that would enable me to evolve and grow in ways I could never dream.

What started as a job organizing kitchens, closets, and home offices, quickly evolved into a career that focused on organizing entrepreneurs’ home-based businesses.  I became a certified coach and shifted my focus to business productivity coaching and consulting.

Meanwhile, my penchant for volunteering enabled me to exercise my leadership muscle.  My combined 28+ years on nonprofit boards, culminating with my recent position as Board President of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (a 2 million dollar/3,500 member education based nonprofit,) has paved the way for Chapter 3.

Chapter 3: Professional Certified Coach, Certified Productivity Leadership Coach, and Author

I believe wholeheartedly that an individual’s approach to productivity should fit their natural way of being, that each person’s inherent style is their strength, and that those strengths should be honored and leveraged. This is core to the way I coach and is the foundation of my recently published book, Productivity for How You’re Wired. Leaders of all kinds (volunteers, board members, business professionals) benefit from improved focus, clarity and productivity. Getting the right work done at the right time is much more easily said than done.  Partnering with the right coach can make all the difference:

  • I know what it’s like to have more work to do than time
  • I know what it’s like to be a leader without unbiased support to turn to
  • I know what a difference good solid plans, systems, and teams make

A reporter from the New York Times once made a joke out of the fact that I make a living helping people organize their thoughts.  Seriously, creating safe spaces for my clients to verbally process and communicate their ideas, visions, and essence has been instrumental to their success and mine.

Ellen Faye, Productivity Coach and Author
mind map collaboration

What This Means For You

I bring to our work a varied background with many experiences to serve you:

  • I understand the unique demands of business, leadership, and volunteer work
  • I know how to help you integrate the many aspects of your busy life and implement systems that will enable you to do your most important work
  • I have worked with thousands of different people – each with unique personalities and perspectives
  • I have an extensive client base in various business settings
  • I am able to quickly assess and adapt to produce results

If you are ready, I can help you become more productive and effective so that you are able to achieve success on YOUR terms. I’m here to do the same for your board and teams.