Delegating Works Best With Accountability
Delegation works best with accountability
Accountability, follow up, delegation
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Delegating Works Best With Accountability

Delegating Works Best With Accountability

“THEY” say that if we have too much to do that we should delegate, but sometimes that seems like it gets us in more trouble. Delegation works when the person we are delegating to 1) feels some sense of responsibility to us and 2) knows we will follow-up. Here is my 3 step process for successful delegation:

  1. Delegate only to people that are committed to you – if they aren’t team players find them a new “team” (except I know you can’t get rid of your kids…)
  2. Be clear with expectations – have them repeat back to you what exactly they have committed to doing
  3. Set a time to check-in on progress and completion – then do it! (Make a follow-up list and/or track it on your calendar)

Human nature is to only do the things we have to do. Without accountability, deadlines, and a bit of pressure it’s too hard to prioritize everything. If you are going to delegate then you have to check-in to make it effective.

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