Free Isn’t Really Free
Why you should stop picking up freebies that you really don't need.
Free isn't really free, stop picking up freebies,
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Free Isn’t Really Free

Free Isn’t Really Free

I went to a great meeting yesterday with a lot of free give-aways. I saw people taking and taking and taking. I kept thinking “Where are they going to put it all?” I thought about what it means to bring all this stuff into our homes and offices. Free isn’t really free. Bringing something into your space costs you in many different ways:

  • Freebies take your time – now you are going to have to make time to put it away. How much time will it take you to make a space for it so it can be useful? How much time will it take to figure out how to use it and when to use it?   
  • Freebies take your space – now you have to make a place to put it. What will you have to give up to make room for it? What will you have to change so it just doesn’t live on your kitchen island or office floor?
  • Freebies take your energy – now you have to maintain it. Do you have the energy to clean it, dust it, use it? Do you have the bandwidth to remember you have it so it just doesn’t become clutter?

Free isn’t really free. It takes time to put it away, space to keep it, and energy to maintain it. If you wouldn’t spend money on it, think twice before taking it!

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