How to Make Change Stick
It's just one thing...
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How to Make Change Stick

How to Make Change Stick


I recently attended a workshop with Alan Weiss, The Million Dollar Consultant. He discussed how to successfully change habits.  He stated that if you change one thing at a time you have a 92% chance of success.  If you change two things at once your chance of success declines to 53%.

What does that mean for your productivity?  It means take it one step at a time. Take the time to integrate each change before adding something new.  Don’t rush.  Be kind to yourself.

Instead of changing your calendar, your task system, your schedule, and your paper systems all at once, change one thing at a time.  Integrate it, be comfortable with it, get it right.  Only when it has become a part of your routine should you make another change. It’s a slow process, but better slow and steady than back where you started.

  • Ellen Delap
    Posted at 07:17h, 21 January Reply

    Yes! It’s all about baby steps!

  • Ellen Faye
    Posted at 20:01h, 31 January Reply

    Right you are Ellen. Too much too fast is a recipe for failure.

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