How To Remember To Bring Something With You
Quick tips to help you remember to remember
How can I remember to bring something with me, remember to remember
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How To Remember To Bring Something With You

How To Remember To Bring Something With You

How many times do we mean to do something but forget?  The best of intentions don’t make it happen.  The brain is not designed to simply remember, it is wired to respond to cues.  Which of these cues can you use today?

I need to remember to take this with me:

  • Tape it to the door knob
  • Take it to front seat of the car now
  • Put it on top of your keys

I need to take this from one place to the next:

  • Put it in the middle of the doorway so you can’t leave the room without walking on it or stepping over it   
  • Put it somewhere you can’t avoid like the bathroom or stairs (be careful!)
  • Tape a note to something you always take with you (your smartphone)

I need to do something:

  • Need to do it first thing in the morning – put it by the pet food or coffee maker
  • Need to make a phone call – tape a note to the phone
  • Need to fill out a form or pay a bill – tape it to your computer monitor

Next week we will look at how to use technology to help us remember.

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