Why Get Organized?
Being organized is a means to an end.
Why should I get organized, is being organized important
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Why Get Organized?

Why Get Organized?

  • Do you think things should be neater?
  • Are you worried about what other people think of you?
  • Are you trying to please a spouse or a boss?

These reasons are sound. But will they motivate you? Are they important enough to give up your valuable time and energy to get organized? Probably not.

A better approach may be to find your own motivation. What is it you want that you don’t have?

  • Do you wish your space was open, clear and energizing?  
  • Are you tired of spending time looking for things you know you have but can’t find?
  • Do you dream of the day that you could go to bed without worrying about how much work you still have to do?

Now those are good reasons to be organized!

My vision for organizational success is when the rote tasks have been put into a system so that they are on auto-pilot, freeing you up to focus on the things that really matter. You shouldn’t have to put your energy into  routine, unstimulating, not-fun things. I want you to do them as efficiently as possible, get them done and off your mind so you can move forward and do the things that will really make a difference.

Why be organized? Being organized will help you to create a better life.

What would being organized feel like to you?

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