Why You Shouldn’t Over-Organize
The goal of getting organized is not to be perfect; it's to make life easier.
Don't over-organized, done is better than perfect
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Why You Shouldn’t Over-Organize

Why You Shouldn’t Over-Organize

The goal of getting organized is not to be perfect; it’s to make life easier. Do you want to get your mail under control? File your paperwork? Find your summer shoes? Once I give clients permission to not be perfect their progress takes off. Ask yourself – “what is good enough?” Good enough doesn’t have to mean Pinterest perfect visuals or complex systems.

It’s always best to begin with the end in mind. If your goal is to be able to find things when you need them than that’s the type of system you should create – Consider:   

  • A bill bin – when you need to look at your bills you’ll know where to look. Your bill bin doesn’t have to be sorted by due date, or payee, or amount – you just need to know where to look.
  • An office supply area – you don’t need a perfectly beautiful supply closet, but if all your supplies are in one location you won’t waste time looking for supplies, and you won’t waste space and money having multiple rolls of tape, boxes of staples or piles of folders.
  • A shoe zone – keeping all your shoes in one place helps when it’s time to find your summer sandals. If you know that your summer shoes are in storage under the bed then when it’s time for that first pedicure you’ll know exactly where to look. If you have 15 possible places where those sandals might be you’ll probably be late and stressed for that appointment.

Being organized doesn’t mean everything is perfect, it means that you can find the things you need when you need them. Don’t spend time organizing things you hardly ever use. Put your energy into creating simple systems for the things you use all the time and good enough will be fantastic.

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